The EmailRecon guarantee states that you, our customer, will enjoy a minimum of 95% email deliverability (where deliverability means the email does not bounce) once you have cleaned your email lists with our service. Should you believe that we have not meet our end of the deal please ensure your usage meets all of the below criteria to the full and then open a support ticket within 30-days of the discrepancy. Once we have verified that your usage qualifies for the guarantee we will issue a coupon for the total value of the cost to validate all misclassified emails.

To be eligible for the money back guarantee you must meet all following criteria
  • If your claim is against a bulk list cleaning the list must contain more than 100 emails
  • If your claim is against API usage, your usage must exceed 100 email verifications in the given billing cycle
  • Messages must be sent to email addresses that have been verified within the last seven days
  • Failed delivery will only be considered for emails classed as deliverable by our email validation software
  • Bounces must be the result of an invalid (non-existing) email address. Unqualified bounces may include (but are not limited to) poor sender reputation, mail server misconfiguration or unavailability, etc.
  • Email addresses must have come from an opt-in source