The overarching philosophy of the EmailRecon email validation service (API & list cleaner inclusive) is to weed out the undesirable addresses from your senders list leaving you with only valid actionable email addresses.

  • Valid format - An email address is said to have a valid format if it conforms to certain syntactical rules. If an email addresses is not in valid format it is most definitely not representative of a deliverable destination.
  • Role - A role is defined as a general term, often related to a department or rob title. For example, if the mailbox in the email address reads 'support' or 'reservations' the email address is said to represent a Role.
  • Disposable - Disposable, or one-time use, mailboxes are those characterised by instant no sign-up provisioning of unlimited email addresses which are intended for one time use to circumvent mandatory email verification procedures. These addresses are deliverable but also ephemeral and so most institutions will want to block access to such low value contact information.
  • Free email - A free email address is the most common type of address our users encounter. An email will be flagged as free when the Email Service Provider hosting the mailbox requires registration but not payment from the user. Examples of free email providers include Gmail, Outlook, and Gmx to name but a few.
  • Valid MX - Domain names have associated Mail eXchange (MX) records which point an incoming message to the mail server that will accept and store it ready for the mailbox owner to read and reply. If no such MX record is found there is no way for the email address to be deliverable.
  • Deliverable - This is a combination of the above outputs. An email is classed as deliverable when the address is of valid format, has an MX record, and is not disposable.
  • High value - A high value mailbox is classed as any mailbox that does not reside on a free mail platform, such as Gmail. For example, the email address of would be classed as high value.
  • Highest Value - When the host of a mailbox is found in the Majestic world top 1 million website list the email is marked as of the highest value, allowing you to target some of your most important contacts first!