Why You Should Clean Your Email List Today

Email marketing may have fallen out of favour with marketers, but it has one key thing going for it. Namely, it works. All the available data suggests that email marketing helps drive up conversions, and helps you get your message across.

However, things are not as simple as they appear. Companies which acquire email addresses in ethical ways need to ask potential customers to submit them. That is why websites often require users to leave an email address in order to access a free service or trial.

Naturally, some people are reticent to leave their email address. Others want to game the system to get more free trials by coming back with a different email address. Human error can also cause problems with email addresses. People can simply mistype them in a way that renders them unusable.

In a free market economy, where there is demand, supply is sure to follow. That is why we have created a powerful tool to help companies manage their email addresses. In this short piece, we will go over some of the most important features of EmailRecon.

How does it work?

EmailRecon is a fast and easy-to-use tool that helps website owners or managers clean their email lists. The user-end process is actually very simple. There are two ways you can check an email address.

Firstly, you could just go to our homepage, and try typing in a single email address. The algorithm will then show you certain parameters related to the email address. That is just a trial feature we’ve implemented to allow our potential clients to see how the service works.

If you have an extensive email list you’d like to check, our service is for you. It’s as easy as uploading a CSV file. Once you do that, our algorithm will take it from there. It will automatically check every email on the list, and compile an easy-to-use report for you.

For this service, we charge by the call. The more emails you have for us to verify, the more you save. We offer great bulk savings since the price for a single call decreases as the total number of calls increases. We call this our Pay As You Go (PAYG) pricing, and it allows our clients to make the most of our service.

What can EmailRecon do for me?

Now that we have seen the service from the client’s point of view, let’s take a look under the bonnet. The aim of EmailRecon is to provide email marketers with profitable insights about their potential customers.

Why send someone countless emails when they’ve left you a throwaway email they never check? Then again, if you have potentials that are more likely to convert than others, shouldn’t you be targeting them more vigorously?

EmailRecon helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. We do this by checking every email address for a few key parameters. Let’s take a look at these parameters, and why they are significant.

  • Valid format: The first thing we need to check is whether the email address is actually properly formatted. Users will sometimes leave gibberish instead of an email address, which is worth nothing to you. That is the first step since none of the other parameters apply if the format of the address is not valid. In these instances, the system immediately tosses out the entry.
  • Role: If someone’s left you an email address, you may want to know who they are and what they do. That is where the Role feature comes in. If the email address contains certain markers, such as ‘support’ or ‘reservations’, we’ll classify it as a Role. We have an extensive database of Role markers, so we can tip you off when there is an important person on your email list.
  • Disposable: We have already mentioned these cases. Users will make throwaway email addresses just so they can get more free services. The problem with that is that these addresses will never convert, so there is no reason to market to them. Our algorithm can tell whether an address is a disposable one or a legitimate entry.
  • Free email: In the email marketing world, knowing your customer is everything. The type of email a potential leaves you can tell you a lot about them. That is why this feature is very important. It can tell you whether an email is registered with a free email service like Gmail or Outlook. These users are usually regular people with a lower chance of conversion.
  • High Value: As opposed to the previous point, there are also email addresses hosted on private servers. We call those High Value addresses. These can potentially belong to employees of a company you can do business with. It stands to reason, then, that you should give these addresses priority.
  • Typo check: As we have mentioned already, people often make typos when submitting their email address. With our typo checker, these can be salvaged. The algorithm can recognise typos and suggest a solution. You can then have it test that email address instead of the one with the typo.
  • Valid MX: An MX Record (mail exchanger record) is a key component in the delivery of emails. It specifies which server is responsible for handling a certain email address. Therefore, it is vital for you to know that the email address is still active, i.e. that it has a valid MX Record.
  • Deliverable: Finally, this parameter simply tells you whether your email can be delivered. It takes into account the previous parameters and tells you the use value of the email in question.

In Conclusion…

Stop wasting your time and resources sending emails to addresses that will never convert! With EmailRecon, you can purge your mailing list in an efficient (and cheap!) way, with no effort on your part.

Our clients’ needs are important to us. That is why we have developed helpful parameters that allow you to make the most of your mailing list. We hope that this brief guide has helped you understand our service a bit better. We look forward to working with you!